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Simon Yoo
Founder and Managing Partner

Simon founded Green Visor Capital in 2013 with the mission to invest in companies that are creating the future of financial services. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in finance, Simon built a team looking to back the best entrepreneurs in fintech. Simon received his MBA from Cornell University and BA from Kenyon College. He was formerly also on Kenyon's Board of Trustees.

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Joe Saunders
Chairman and General Partner

Joe and Simon shared a similar vision in building the future of finance. Prior to Green Visor, Joe was the Chairman and CEO of Visa, one of the world’s best brands, where he transformed Visa into one of the world's leading financial technology companies. In spite of the global financial crisis, he took Visa public in 2008, and led the company to more than double it's value during his tenure.

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Lou Forster
General Partner

Before joining Green Visor in mid-2014, Lou was a Senior Managing Director of Cerberus Capital Management and Chairman of Cerberus Asia Pacific Advisors Ltd. During his 16-year tenure at Cerberus, Lou built and led the Japan office, and directed all operations in Asia. Lou began his career at Goldman Sachs before taking senior roles at the LeFrak Organization and at Angelo Gordon &Co. He earned his J.D. from Harvard Law School, and M.A. and B.A. degrees from Johns Hopkins University. Lou now serves as Chair of the Board of Johns Hopkins and sits on the boards of Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL). He is also a board member of the Japan Society.

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Michael Walsh
General Partner

Mike was a founder and partner of Lusman Capital, a hedge fund managing $400 million. He has deep expertise of investing across all asset classes, many industries, and a huge number of geographies. Mike also spent three years at Citigroup in the Investment Banking Division where he helped raised billions of dollars in equity and debt for financial institutions. Michael received his BA in Economics from Harvard College.

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Sam Wen
Venture Partner

Sam is an engineer and entrepreneur turned investor. He was a co-founder at Square, where he built apps, hardware, and infrastructure to empower commerce. Sam holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Jim McKelvey
Special Advisor

Jim is a serial entrepreneur, investor, public speaker, and glass blower. Jim is the founder of Mira Digital Publishing, Third Degree Glass Factory, Square, Inc., LaunchCode, and Invisibly. Jim graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis with dual degrees in Computer Science and Economics.

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Meg Nakamura
Entrepreneur in Residence

Meg is the founder and CEO of Apto Payments. Meg started her career at Promontory to help open their first foreign office in Tokyo. Her accomplishments there led her to partner with Greg Kidd, and together launched and built many initiatives there, including GreenDot, BSA/AML programs, and data visualization tools for mortgage foreclosure review. She received her B.S. from Princeton University.

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Ted Benson
Entrepreneur in Residence

Ted is an engineer and entrepreneur. He has a PhD from the MIT CSAIL, where he focused on web systems architecture and machine learning. Ted has published two books on web application architecture, many research papers, and two ML patents for Google.

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Kelly Littlepage
Entrepreneur in Residence

Kelly is the founder and CEO of OneChronos. He is an incredible engineer, with deep experience in HFT trading systems, having built a career building highly performant systems for trading since 2009. OneChronos was born from his experience. He received all 3 of his B.S.s from CalTech, and his M.S. from Georgia Tech.

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Allison Bishop
Entrepreneur in Residence

Allison is a leader in cryptography and distributed computing. Prior to co-founding Proof, she was an Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Columbia University, specializing in design of cryptographic systems. She also spent the last three years as a Quantitative Researcher at IEX, where she oversaw model development. She has also worked at the Department of Defense and Microsoft Research. Allison is a Marshall Scholar in, was featured as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science, and won an NSF Career Award.

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Olugbenga (GB) Agboola
Entrepreneur in Residence

GB is the CEO of Flutterwave, a Tiger-backed, payments unicorn for Africa. Prior to leading Flutterwave, GB spent time building financial technology products for technology and financial institutions like Google, PayPal, and Standard Bank (among others). He is a serial entrepreneur who brings his background in software engineering and business to the companies he builds.

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Rich Marin
Executive in Residence

Rich has over 37 years of experience as a finance industry executive and entrepreneur. Highlights of his many posts include member of the Management Committee and Vice Chairman at Bankers Trust, Chairman and CEO of Deutsche, Chairman and CEO of Bear Stearns, and President and CEO of The New York Wheel. He is a Clinical Professor of Finance at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of a Management, where he teaches and writes about alternative investment management. Rich received his BA and MBA from Cornell University.

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